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Class B RVs – Complete List of Class B RV Manufacturers

Standard as well as fully customized plans are available on a variety of platforms. This flexibility allows us to personalize your van conversion to match your style and usage.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your van conversion meets your personal needs and requirements. We stand behind all of our campervan builds. Call us during business hours or email us and we will be there for you. Our camper vans offer multi-purpose convenience and comfort without the expense and inconvenience of bigger less practical homes-on-wheels. They're perfect for discriminating adventurers seeking out-of-the-way, off the beaten path unrestricted access to locations rarely available to larger units.

For the outdoorsperson and the more adventurous, we also offer 4WD or AWD versions with a variety of engines and towing options.

We are fulfilling a growing demand for a smarter, smaller and more efficient Recreational Vehicle, a vehicle that serves everyday uses, yet still takes vacationers and sportsmen to locations beyond the reach of larger units.

We manufacture garageable camper vans with sleek, low profile pop-top roofs that permit parking in normal garages, carports and parkades. In fact, all our Pop-top Campers are readily accommodated on back country roads, ferries, narrow roads and city streets.

Some of our satisfied customers use their GTRV almost continually as fulltime RVs, touching home base once every few months, while others use them for weekend trips and basic transportation needs during the week. How customers use their GTRV seems limited only by their immediate requirements on one hand and how far they wish to go on the other!

It's proven to be the perfect vehicle for two very space efficient and adventurous people. We've gone off-grid and stayed in 'normal people' campgrounds, tho the former is our preference. The workmanship of GTRV's Westy conversion has proven to be sturdy and reliable, with a few minor issues. That was twelve years andmiles ago.

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The Westy continues to provide camping fun, now to my son and his family. I could not begin to praise the GTRV quality enough — the workmanship is simply outstanding and the after-sale service has been most helpful. Wanted to thank the Yahoo Users Group owners forum participants for their insights. We are thoroughly pleased with the van.

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If we can help anyone in the future with their decision by showing our Westy, we would be glad to do it. Thanks again for your helpful forum comments. We have had the Westy for almost 8 trouble-free years now.Order Form. Sleeps 2 upstairs. The Penthouse Pop Top is available separately. Pop the top for a more roomy interior, refreshing cross ventilation, and enjoying the view.

A ladder is o. When the main bed section is attached to the ceiling, bedding can be left on top. When the bed is attached to the ceiling, this space provides a convenient shelf. LED lights provide plenty of soft light.

For privacy, opaque curtains roll up and down. Front 3 window screens unzip and roll down. Great for photo shooting or just for a more open feeling. Various roof racks are optional. The Penthouse easily raises up and down.

If you include the electric top, simply unlock the latches and push the switch. Since we introduced our third generation model inwe have very rarely replaced a part because of wear. The top itself is made of reinforced fiberglass. Metal parts are all heavy duty construction.

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Counter-balancing tension and compression springs are over-engineered. This means they will never fatigue and lose their strength. However, if you have an electric top o and you do not unlock the latches before you raise it, you will bend the elevating u-tubes. The 12V motors are powerful. If you do bend them, the u-tubes can be replaced by Sportsmobile.

Its convertible car-top vinyl-impregnated fabric exterior is easy to clean. The fabric interior is mildew and condensation resistant.

Tempshield bubble foil, with a down R-Value of We built our leakers decades ago. The top will not leak.We hope you find this list of the Class B RV manufacturers helpful in your research. Based in Bend, Oregon. We saw the Imagine model in Mainewhich looked pretty neat from the outside.

Based in Willoughby, Ohio. Based in Jackson Center, Ohio.

Top 5 Best Class B RVs For Couples

Airstream is more than shiny travel trailers. Based in Decatur, Indiana. Based in Portland, Oregon. Benchmark Vehicles builds custom van conversions where the customer supply the van chassis. Chassis: Ford TransitMercedes Sprinter supplied by customer. Based in Asheville, North Carolina. Note: this builder does not supply the van. Based in Elkhart, Indiana. Chinook RV went into foreclosure in and was resurrected in Based in Nokomis, Forida. Based in Middlebury, Indiana. Based in Grove City, Ohio.

Based in Huntington Beach, California. Fleetwood has been manufacturing RVs for over 65 years. Based in Terrebonne, Quebec. Gala RV launched its first Class B RV in and recently introduced a camper van with interior components made of fiberglass instead of wood.

Based in Sebastopol, California. GTRV converts full size vans, mid sized vans and mini vans. The company sells direct to consumer with a variety of models to choose from. Custom designs are also available.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. As one of the leading manufacturers in the RV industry, Iowa-based Winnebago is an important trendsetter in how people camp.

Come join our community group. With an eye to adventurous camper van buyers, Winnebago announced a new Class B camper van last spring called the Boldt.

Already well known for the Revela converted inch Mercedes Sprinter with four-wheel drive, Winnebago is looking to grow its share of the camper van market with no fewer than three brand-new camper vans in less than three years—and the Solis is the newest. Compare notes with other adventurers in our private Facebook group. Some readers were curious why Winnebago was calling this their first pop-top camper when there were Winnebago Eurovans in the s. According to Winnebago Industries, the original Eurovan was sold through Volkswagen dealers and not through Winnebago dealer distribution channels.

class b pop top

The layout of the Solis sticks with what Winnebago does best. Two front cabin chairs swivel to create a front dining area that can seat four thanks to two other seat belt-approved chairs in the back. A removable pedestal table stows away when not needed, and behind the rear chairs sits a compact wet bath with bi-fold door, mirror, cassette toilet, and shower. The galley kitchen prioritizes affordability over luxury, opting for a laminate countertop with extension, two-burner range, stainless steel sink, and small fridge that can be accessed from the inside or out.

Buyers can opt for a queen-size Murphy bed that drops down, or—and this is key for families—a sofa bed that includes two additional three-point seat belts. This means that parents can safely drive and sleep their kiddos, either in the optional sofa bed or in the two chairs up front. Whichever option you choose, two people can enjoy the rear sleeping space while another two people can sleep in the fiberglass pop-top area that includes the Froli sleeping system and three windows.

The Winnebago Revel really only sleeps three, and would be incredibly tight sleeping two kids; the Hymer Aktiv sleeps four, but has some drawbacks, like the ground clearance; and one of the best options—from California-based ModVans —has a more modular feel that we love, but that may not appeal to all buyers.

Other perks in the Solis include a removable ladder that accesses the pop-top bed, full-black-out zipper screens, and upper-cabinet and below-the-bed storage.

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Winnebago also took a cue from custom van manufacturers with a new rear annex that uses a pole between the two rear doors and a privacy screen to create a changing room, drying rack, or shade awning. We only have one interior photo, but Winnebago did release a minute video tour of the new van, below.

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Introducing the Winnebago Solis B Class Van

The hillside home offers mid-century vibes with a postmodern twist. With many businesses destroyed or damaged, residents are working together to meet the needs of their neighbors. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

Cities Atlanta Austin Boston. Chicago Detroit Los Angeles. New York San Francisco.

class b pop top

Renovation Interior Design Furniture. Filed under: RVs, campers, and trailers. Winnebago debuts its first-ever pop-top camper van. Share this story Share this on Facebook Share this on Twitter Share All sharing options Share All sharing options for: Winnebago debuts its first-ever pop-top camper van.

Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Courtesy of Winnebago As one of the leading manufacturers in the RV industry, Iowa-based Winnebago is an important trendsetter in how people camp. Love campers, vans, and RVs?

class b pop top

Join the convo!For an in-depth look into our models, features, specifications and programs, get your hands on a copy of the Pleasure-Way brochure via mail or download. We have you covered. Our Personal Assistant Program offers you complete support during the first 90 days of ownership. Enjoy the benefits of flexible parking by allowing yourself to be more spontaneous with your next adventure! Optimized for dynamic driving, our motorhomes provide the maneuverability needed to venture off the beaten path and explore whatever catches your eye.

Merging on highways, navigating rush hour and pulling into campgrounds will feel as easy as driving in your everyday vehicle. Every facet of the interior has been designed to provide all the fundamentals of RV life while prioritizing the convenience of its occupants. You will find multiple sleeping options, a full kitchen, a bathroom, plenty of storage and a dining area to bring the comforts of home in a compact space. The strategic and purposeful placement of each feature creates a simple set up once you arrive at your destination.

Since all your gear is with you and maneuvering is so simple, you can be more spontaneous with your adventures and quickly move onwards to your next destination. All models features two seven-inch touchscreen control panels that manage key functions of the coach. The intuitive touchscreen features climate control, automatic generator start AGSa 12V real-time amperage meter and responsive lighting controls.

These batteries are extremely safe, maintenance free, fast charging and will last for — life cycles, saving you money on replacement costs. All models have available solar panel packages with an integrated battery charging system that range from 95 watts to watts. The solar panel system provides power to the coach batteries and will extend the use of the 12V DC and V AC systems while away from shore power on your off-grid adventures. The standard watt Pure-sine wave inverter will provide power to the TV and Blu-ray player, the microwave and most VAC receptacles when not plugged into shore power or running the generator.

The inverter is a vital component of our all-encompassing approach to support dry camping capability. We maintain this status by upholding the highest standard of quality and upfitting guidelines, giving you exceptional confidence in choosing Pleasure-Way for your next RV purchase. Enter your email address to receive news and important information from Pleasure-Way.

Be the first to know about promotions, product updates, events and more. Watch Now. Tour The Tofino Explore all the features of the Tofino in this guided video tour.

Sign-Up Now. The New Ontour 2. Explore The Ontour. PW-Arrow-Left White.Holding tanks, electrical components, and LP systems are hidden under the Class B camper van to increase internal storage space. With power comes great responsibility, but the Tellaro has that covered.

Equipped with safety features, including electronic stability control and an anti-lock brake system, you and your loved ones will remain protected and comfortable. The front-wheel-drive platform provides confident and surefooted handling in all weather conditions, including snow and ice.

The Tellaro comes with Thule accessories including the bike racks, roof ladder and patio awning. Thule is renowned around the globe by aficionados of nature, which makes the perfect accessories for our Class B RV. The bike rack can accommodate two full-size adult bicycles. This allows you to go solo on the bike trail or bring a loved one along for the ride. The roof ladder has a magnet system to ensure a safe ascent and descent, which you can move anywhere on the upper half of the van for total access to the roof rack.

Plus, voice command makes for hands-free calls and texts so you can stay in touch and in control. Inspired by our friends across the pond, the Tellaro draws from popular European design. The crisp lines and glossy mirror-like finish makes the interior feel bigger while not making the weight of the Class B RV increase. Store your ingredients in here to make the most delicious Mobile Meals. How many people can sleep in a Class B RV?

The answer in the Tellaro with this option is 3, so you can invite more to accompany your journey. Do Class B RVs have bathrooms?

Pop-top camper van sleeps four and fits in your garage

At Thor Motor Coach, they do. Our two Tellaro Class B van floor plans each offer something unique, so you can decide the floor plan that was made to fit you. In the 20AT floor plan, spread out on the foldable rear King-size bed and enjoy extra storage space underneath. Pets make travel even more fun and you need your sidekick with you for all of your adventures.

There is a hideaway food and water dish, along with a drawer to keep toys or food in one spot.

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Fabrics and leatherette materials are resistant to dander and claws coupled with no carpet, makes for easy clean up and less wear and tear. If you thought you can't travel with pets, the Tellaro Class B Van will make you think again! Control water functions, AC, lighting, tank heaters, vents, generator control and more all by a simple touch of the screen.

While on your journey, the time will come when you need to update your family, friends or coworkers. Plus, we made a video on How to connect Winegard Connect on our YouTube channel, to make it that much easier. Travel sustainably in the Tellaro, with the size-conscious Go Power! In full sun, the panel can charge at more than 9-amps.

Cutting CO2 is just part of the equation, as the full answer equals not only lower emissions but leaving no trace when we are one with nature.

This is a truly green product that eliminates the need for a traditional generator. For help finding a dealer near you, utilize our Dealer Locator.Make Chevy Astro Camper Van.

It is incredible how it is so small and yet has all the components it has. It's a 6 cylinder gas saver. It sleeps 4 adults. When the pop top is lifted, two adults can sleep on top. When bench seat is extended two more can sleep on the bottom. Van has a total of 5 seat belts.

The entertaining system is brand new receipt available. The stereo has Bluetooth. Mp3's and DVD's can all be read. Van has added speakers all around. Camper has so much that I don't know where to start. Toilet, toilet hose included, shower, sink, microwave, stove, stove fan, water heater, two different tables, two swiveling captain chairs, 10 inch DVD screen, refrigerator, and microwave.

Windows have screens and are tinted for privacy. It has a tow hitch. Comes with a bike rack. Volvoline gave it a thumbs up on all outside components wipers, lights, signals, lights etc after giving it an oil change. It had the spark plugs, rotor, and filters changed on All receipts are available. It passed the smog test at the same time, so it is ready for registration.

The RV tires and rims are new receipts available. Van only has 76, miles. It runs very smoothly. And because it is only 16 ft in length and just a bit over 6 ft in height-- it is a breeze getting around town. It is an awesome little camper. I lost count of how many people mentioned that they have never seen one of these. By the way, the front has been modified. Van does not look like a typical It has the look of a newer model.

Vehicle was not in an accident.

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